Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why put something under when you can put it over??

I don't know about you but I am sick of having to put a 3/4 length sleeve or long sleeve shirt under EVERYTHING that falls above my elbow! I have started a personal campaign, whatever I find that needs something under I will figure out a way to put something over it instead.

My campaign has been a success, yes!!

Let me explain myself.... There is really no need to have to wear a shirt underneath everything, I am positive we can find a sweater or cardigan etc. to go on top of the piece in which you love so much but it just happens to be sleeveless. Try to come out of the box a bit and do something you wouldn't ordinarily do like putting a cropped sweater over your favorite short sleeve dress (Dresses are wonderful because they can act as dresses and skirts depending on your mood). Here is a suggestions:

This cardigan comes in a myriad of stunning colors and if you buy just a few of them I am sure they will match most of what you may have in your closet.
You may be thinking "Ok, Now that we took care of winter, now what do we do in the summer??"
During the summer months, this whole issue can be tricky but many stores including J. crew make summer cardigans for your summer needs-tada, that was solved!

Now I challenge you to go 1 week without putting a layering piece under a shirt and just try to wear something over instead! Good luck!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

my passion for fashion....and the color orange.

This is my favorite color. 

All the many things that I have in this color: I have a leather couch, my dining room chair cushions, my new chair that I upholstered myself, a pair of ballet flats, a pair of tights, and a sweater dress.

Obsessed? I think so.

I will tell you why....Orange is a color that has been in hiding for a long time and designers are starting to pull it out again for fall/ winter and they are showing it a ton for spring/ summer. I am so psyched, it is something so new and exciting! It is not a typical color but if pair it with even the most simplest outfit it will give the outfit a fabulous pop! Click Here to view a great dress that is more copper but it still has an orange feel to it...

Tata for now!

P.S. I can't get enough of this hat!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A belt always works wonders

"No, I don't like it, it makes me look like I have no figure" or " Shift dresses don't normally look good on me". I feel like belts were worn long ago and and slowly people are starting to pull them out again. They are a wonderful accessorie to any outfit. They pull in where you want them to pull in and they accentuate where you want to accentuate. They can dress an outfit up or they they can dress it down, its all up to you. I don't believe a person needs to own many belts, although if they would like to then go right ahead. There are a few kinds of belts that I feel are essential to a woman's closet, they are: 
1. a wide camel color belt (I wear mine ALL the time) 
2. a skinny belt, any neutral color will do
3. a black belt of any kind

Next time you put on an outfit and it just doesn't do it for you, add a belt and see how you feel.